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Hi! My name is Katherina. I am a South-African born, second generation Dutch, recent immigrant to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I know! It’s a mouthful and an interesting historical journey that I’d like to explore in my research. While I make sense of all this I will be documenting it on this research blog, so welcome! This is my attempt at using my hybrid heritage to influence my research and figure out ways to inform contemporary sustainable ideas.

why the homeless romantic?

Yes, I am a hopeless romantic and little did I know, that when discussing this fact with a friend, a slight slip of the tongue would eventually lead to so much more. (Freudian Slip perhaps?) I noted it down, as the storyteller in me thought it could be a very interesting story to tell and illustrate one day.

How would you show romance if you were homeless?

It made me think, that if I were to approach this question as an actual design question I would really have to myself in someone else’s shoes. I need to be empathetic to other perspectives if I really want to understand and in terms of this research and blog, how to adapt my approach and evolve.

The process is the product!

It took a while to realise that the personal reflective approach I take to adapting to my new life could be integral to my research as well. I am a designer who usually works towards an end product, it was hard to realise that the process of note-taking, voice recording, photography and videography could be the product?

To answer this question my aim is to break down my research into three trails of exploration to redefine my current sub-questions. The over-arching theme of my research is the Philosophy of Ubuntu and interpreting it in a creative manner. Ubuntu teaches the importance of community culture and the power of the collective.

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