Design Research Landscape WIP

Since starting this master, finding relevance and context was not only extremely important in developing my research question, but my role as a ‘designer’ as well. I explored different research methods which helped me in finding ways to adapt ‘what I already know’ to my new role within my new context and new space. Many things have challenged the way I think, but they have also given me some clarity on the way forward with my design research.

Finding relevance

If I see myself as problem solver I need to identify an issue that I solve, whilst keeping in mind the core values, intentions and ideas that I came here with.


I will look at universal and personal ideas of value and sentimentality. I have always been a firm believer in collaboration and these times are just pushing me to think of new ways to do that, but in order to collaborate. We must first connect. So that is where I started.


Connecting in a new world and creating a new network during a time engulfed by Covid-19 has made it really hard to adapt and reach out. I have seen this as an over-encompassing feeling whilst talking to any of my friends that are also expats. We are all finding ourselves not only displaced from out home countries, but displaced in the new countries that we find ourselves in.

I combined my conversation piece and design probe to make it a continuous connection between me and the participants. I want to use my personal insights to create activities that can be shared globally to create sentimental moments and gather emotive research. [Sound moments in time link – probes]


I think this kind of research is very important, personally being disconnected has has a tremendous effect on my own wellbeing and instead of wallowing in that and being confused as to where to start, why not just turn it upside down and look at it from a new perspective.

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