Reading Guide

V02 of the reading guide. In the same form as the research question reflection.

Menu items: (Could be linked out to other blog posts)

Who: Intro>About me>Personal connection to research>role [link to post about reflection on role development.]

What: Design question before and after
>your research trails/themes and their sub-questions. THIS IS CONTINUOUS
> link to method blogs essay poster and reflection

Why: relevance for
>your participants & peers>others
> who/what/why is relevant
> work on the insights on trails – link out to lessons of ubuntu.

I am only because you are

> Link out to reflection
community more now than ever.

Where: Going digital and reaching out
– where and with whom you iterate: which participants>within which design and in-depth context>
limitations of being socially distant : solution

How I did it. Intrinsically links to the what & where part of this.
methods for in-depth and positioning research
3 new directions.

How to read this blog
Explanation of blog structure menu>themes and tags>

Explain colour guides within the photographs in terms of mapping.

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