Finding Purpose

I have always been quite aware of context and the importance of acknowledging diversity in making sense of the world. It has, however taken being displaced from my own context, not only geographically, but in the time of a global pandemic for that fact to really sink in. Starting out I knew I would not … More

Design Research Landscape WIP

Since starting this master, finding relevance and context was not only extremely important in developing my research question, but my role as a ‘designer’ as well. I explored different research methods which helped me in finding ways to adapt ‘what I already know’ to my new role within my new context and new space. Many … More

finding more purpose

I did not want to present my work without implementing the relevant ideas and changes that I have been working on after receiving feedback on the previous assessments. My current design is an updated version of this post on finding purpose, where you will find more process imagery. I started this course with what I … More

Reading Guide

V02 of the reading guide. In the same form as the research question reflection. Menu items: (Could be linked out to other blog posts) Who: Intro>About me>Personal connection to research>role [link to post about reflection on role development.] What: Design question before and after>your research trails/themes and their sub-questions. THIS IS CONTINUOUS > link to … More

Iteration on a conversation

When iterating on my conversation piece I really wanted to look at the idea of perceived materialistic value, by looking at the everyday objects we carry around with us or that we have in our homes. What I did:  A series of images of the contents of handbags. Participants were instructed to, in descending order … More

Reflect. Recontextualise. Reframe.

Starting this design master I came in with what I thought was a very strong sense of self and also what I wanted to come learn here. I arrived full of assumptions that soon were challenged, not only by a new geographical space but also by the moment we find ourselves in right now. I … More

Conversation Pieces?

I have retracted int my shell and am not really in a situation where I can actually conversate. Question: How do I overcome this barrier. 1 – for myself 2 – for my researchChallenge: – Reach out daily! – Learn more of the language every day. – Utilise social media and other ways of communicating … More