Research Question Development

Reflect. Recontextualise. Reframe?

Starting this design master I came in with what I thought was a very strong sense of self and also what I wanted to come learn here. I arrived full of assumptions that soon were challenged, not only by a new geographical space but also by the moment we find ourselves in right now. I have been pushed in ways that I cannot explain, just yet, but this moment of global pandemic we find ourselves in has in actuality been my saving grace this year.  This move was personally and important learning and growth moment, but as the semester progressed my professional significance started to make more sense to me. All the new information I was faced with has slowly started showing me the ways to adapt.
It just took me some time.

Research Question – Version 1

If by the time you get to the end of reading a research question and you have forgotten where it began you know it needs to adapt.

This original research question offers too many aspects to dissect. The process of adapting to a new country and a new learning environment during a global pandemic helped to put that into perspective and lead me to the new direction I want to take with my research.

I simplified all the existing ideas and tried to make sense of them in a new Learning and living context. I needed to use what I have, what I can and by taking my personal and global context into perspective and these using new research methods as tools. I think I was able to map out relevance from what I had.

I kept asking myself things like:

How do you reach out socially in a time of social distancing? 
How will I gain insights of a new place if I cannot interact fully with that place?

In all of the methods I wanted to look at different types of perceived value from participants. I was really going in blind as the methods were new to me, but in the end the results were very insightful.

By looking at things from a different perspective I have been able to reframe my research into achievable and relevant categories. A professional goal I set out for myself early on in this Master and am quite proud to have achieved.I feel inspired by the research again now that I feel it has found a footing in my new context.

New Research Question

By looking at this new research question I can make better sense of what I am trying to accomplish.

Who am I? What is a catalyst?
What is the creative part of this?